On December 20, 2004, Vince's beloved dog Aspen lost her fight with cancer.  Vince had Aspen since she was 8 weeks old.  Together Vince and Aspen enjoyed agility, obedience and cart pulling.  Intelligent and sweet, she was a Canine Good Citizen and Certified Pet Therapy dog .  She loved going to visit nursing homes and schools; it was heartwarming to see people's faces light up when they saw her.  When Vince started his business, Aspen became his training partner and accompanied him to classes and private lessons; she helped teach many dogs and puppies how to be behave.  In August 2004 Vince got married and Aspen was there to celebrate his wedding.  She and Jack even walked down the aisle.  When the time came for her to leave, Vince held Aspen in his arms while she peacefully passed away.  Aspen was a loyal and loving companion and friend with a gentle, kind soul; she brought joy to all who knew her.  It is with great sorrow that we bid our gentle friend goodbye.  We love and miss you everyday.

Vince and Aspen doing agility


Aspen, Jack & Santa

Aspen & Kody

Trainer's Truck

Aspen, Jack, Vince & Jodi

Vince & Aspen


Kody & Aspen


Vince and Aspen

Vince and Aspen



Lexa, Aspen & Tubacca

Rockefeller Center